Monday, 5 February 2018

Did you know No: 4

Well hello Monday, it is a nice day as well, today's here are today's weird facts...........................

In 1991, Ferdie Ato Adoboe of Ghana ran the 100 yards in 14 seconds, not a spectacular time but he was running backwards, damn if I tried to run backwards I would end up on my ass............

Annoyed at people falling asleep during concerts, composer Joseph Haydn wrote the Surprise Symphony it is mostly a slow, quiet and soothing piece but has sudden loud bits to catch sneaky nap takers unawares..................dman

It was once thought that a person lost in the woods and starving could obtain nourishment by chewing on their shoes as leather has enough nutritional value to sustain life for a short time.

Avocado trees have been known to collapse under the weight of their fruit, bloody hell..............

Bacteria is the tiniest fee-living cells, are so small that a single drop liquid could contain 50 million of them............bloody hell


  1. Did you know George Washington had wooden teeth?

    1. My mother remember Washington's teeth - surprising as she was terminally ill and bed-ridden .. just amused her I guess .. but she always remembered!

  2. Interesting Jo-Anne.
    Can very much relate to the music - when having piano lessons some years ago I would play soft music and the teacher would falls asleep :) then came the ending which was rather loud and up she would wake, always made me laugh to myself.

    1. Yeah that type of music would crack up the non sleeping people

  3. Did you know that Australian barristers are the best in the world?

  4. Story 1- I'd be right down there beside you. Prolly even if I ran forward.

    #2- Perhaps Hayden should have looked in the mirror and just composed some peppier songs!

    #3 Reading history as I do I hear a lot of stories like that- and worse.

    #4- Instant guacamole!

    #5- but they only have one bathroom to share, lol!


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