Thursday, 4 January 2018

Nearly time to leave but not just yet

Well it is the day before we leave for our holiday in Queensland and it's been a somewhat busy day packing and going to the shops for a few things then heading over to pick up the caravan from mum & dads place.

Tim wanted to go out for lunch at the RSL club which we did, lunch was good we always like going to the Eastern Tiger for lunch.

What I notice was how bad Tim parked the car, he often complains about how I park the car and what made things worse was earlier this week I came home and people were parked in the visitors parking in such a manner that I found it hard to pull up right and thus had trouble parking and of course Tim was watching and commented that I suck at parking. I DO NOT.

Anyway while out today I notice on the three occasions that Tim parked what in my opinion was terrible, he wasn't straight, not squarely in his lines and if I had parked like that he would of course made some comment about it but I said NOTHING.

He keeps going on about wanting to leave really early in the morning which is fine but does he have to tell me over and over, I get it that he wants to leave early stop going on about it.


  1. Hi, Jo-Anne!

    I see on the map that you guys are heading up north. I had a blog friend in Brisbane. If you read this in time, dear friend, I wish you a safe trip and a happy holiday and hope you don't argue too much about parking just saying...

  2. Just have fun, and chuckle to yourself about Tim.

  3. Have a lovely time Jo-Anne in the caravan.

  4. I got yelled at today because I mentioned someone's crooked parking, DOH men just can't handle criticism. Have a good and safe trip.

  5. Enjoy your vacation. I guess I wouldn't mention his parking--LOL!

  6. Have fun and take lots of pictures.

  7. My husband makes me so frazzled when we are about to leave on a trip! Hes always in a hurry and subsquently I forhet things...usually mine! LOL! Have a great trip!
    Blessings, Joanne


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