Monday, 13 November 2017

Did you know

Well Monday is here again, so here are some more did you know facts....................

When you think Christmas lunch or dinner you think turkey but in older times, goose,swan and even peacock were specialities at Christmas time. A peacock was severed with all its real feathers, its peak would be covered in gold leaf and it would be set on fire.............what the hell...............

In 1876 when constructing the 550 foot tall Washington Monument, at the stage when it was at the 153 feet tall, workers needed to get a rope to the top, but they did not have any sort of scaffolding. So what did they do, they tied a thread to the leg of a pigeon put him inside the unfinished tower and made a sudden noise. The frightened bird flew up to the top and out, a string was attached to the thread and pulled to the top, and then a rope was pulled to the top with the string, what the hell.

Some people in China use live quail in the winter as hand warmers, really what the hell..................

There was once a flock of ducks that lived on the roof of a hotel in Memphis Tennessee, USA, who used to take the hotel lift down to the ground floor when they wanted to go anywhere, yeah like I believe that..................

There is a wild edible plant called Hernandulcin which is one thousand times sweeter than sugar......


  1. Interesting.
    We have turkey for Christmas either hot or cold depends on the weather.

    1. So do we turkey and chicken and ham as well

  2. Those are all pretty wild ones! Wow! :)

  3. We don't have turkeys for Christmas, only tried once.

  4. In actual fact we have visited the Peabody Hotel in Memphis where there is a flock of ducks living in the roof in an enclosure and every morning the duck master takes the ducks down in the lift to the foyer where they spend the day swimming in the fountain and then at 5 o'clock the duck master comes and gets them and herds them into the lift and takes them back to the roof. It is quite a tourist attraction and it has an interesting history. Google it.

    1. Really, wow nice to know it was a true fact

  5. What the hell is right.


  6. I think seeing that peacock would certainly be the end of my appetite.

  7. Yep. Diane's right about the ducks. They rule :)
    Memphis is a cool town. Sun Studio in Memphis is where many say Rock and Roll was born.

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