Wednesday, 22 January 2014

No Comment, Syd's B'Day and Dawson......................

For some reason I am unable to comment on some blogs, this is somewhat annoying, as annoying as finding out that I started this yesterday and forgot about it and didn't do a post yesterday. It will be later in the day that I get this one done and posted as I am going out this morning with my mum to do her monthly shopping.

Today is my darling granddaughter Sydney-May's 4th birthday, I will give her, her present this afternoon when I see her as this morning she didn't get out of the car when Kathy dropped off Summer. If Sydney-May gets out of the car she will cry and carry on about getting back into the car, saying she wants to stay with nanna and such. So it is just easier if Kathy leaves her in the car and I go out and talk to her while she is in the car.

Oh yeah mum has had some problems with Dawson's mother (Michelle) upsetting Dawson a fair bit over the last couple of weeks, Dawson looked through the Chrisco catalogue and found a few things he wanted to get as gifts for his family for Christmas 2014. Anyway he mentions to his mum what he found and everything and she started go off about him buying things for this person or that person, she wants him to just get gift cards but he doesn't want to do that and it is his money, he uses his pocket money he gets from mum & dad (his grandparents) to pay for what he wants so if he wants to buy gifts for some people he should be able to do that.

Sometimes I feel that she likes to upset him, it is like she knows what will get him going and she takes pride in knowing how to push his buttons and upset him.

Ok I am back from shopping with mum, Dawson came with us and bought a $480 mobile phone, I don't think he needs such an expensive phone but it is his money and he can spend it however, he likes. His mother has been going on and on about the phone telling him he doesn't need it and it costs too much money but all that has done is piss him off and upset him, he is a teenager and teenagers can't be told. I know I have been there with my girls when they were teenagers.  


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