Monday, 20 June 2011

A Horrible day followed by a worse night

Yesterday Tim went over to Kathy's to do some more work on her back yard Jessica came with us but Natasha didn't she said she other stuff to do, this resulted in a argument between Natasha and Tim. Tim said he had asked other members of my family to help but I know he only has my parents and Sandra and David's phone numbers so he may have asked them I have no idea whether he did or not anyway they didn't turn up to help which pissed him off.

The next thing to piss him off was that he asked me to order pizza for lunch which I did with him standing next to me, I clearly told him I was getting it from Pizza Hut but after I had gone a picked it up he goes off that he doesn't like Pizza Hut and only ate 2 slices....

We only stayed at Kathy's place a couple of hours and by the time we left Kathy was in a mood not sure why I think it was because she was tired of having so many people around her. Jessica was also in a mood she was fed up with listening to Kathy bitch about stuff so I pack up the left over pizza and we come home..........On the way home Tim asked me to stop so he could get oil for Jessica's new car which she gets this afternoon, after getting the oil he starts to tell Jessica how much the stuff cost that he will use to service the new car. However he was taking so long to get to his point she got the shits with him and snapped at him making his mood worse.

We get home and I decided to have a port and coke to help me destress but then he comes and asks me to order him a pizza from Domino's which I did but then when I asked him for the money to pay for it he got annoyed with me but he still came with me to pick it up and yes he paid for it as I have no money.............while going to get his pizza he went on and on and on about how much he hates Pizza Hut and I ended up snapping at him that I hate Domino's just as much but I rarely say anything and just get what he wants.

Jump forward a couple of hours he has changed the battery in Jessica's car taking the new one out and replacing it with the old one, so that when I jump in the car to go to the shops I forget that he has done that and the car dies on me and I ended up stuck down to the street for a while. We did a lot of ringing around to try and find someone to come and give me a jump start, which I ended up not needing as the car ended starting again. I ring Tim and tell him the car has started and I am heading home and for him to ring and tell people that I no longer needed help, he didn't and Kathy turned up to help me and got pissed off because no one rang her to tell he she was no longer needed. Tim blamed me for this.

Jump forward another hour or so and it is 6.30pm and I want to relax and watch a particular show on telly which Tim doesn't like he thinks it's boring and went on and on about not likeing it and wanting to watch something else I tell him NO I want to watch my show he then askes me for my sisters phone number and I tell him I do not have it in my phone and I do not want to search for it..............he searches and finds it not hard to do I have a list of phone numbers near the phone.

He then rings my sister Jeannie and her boyfriend Peter answers now he doesn't like Peter says he doesn't like the way Peter treats Jeannie my opinon is it is Jeannie's life and if she is happy with Peter and want him in her life it is nothing to do with us. Still he abuses Peter threating to shoot him (we don't have a gun) and to beat him up and stab him etc etc..............this upsets Jeannie and she rings our mum crying. Peter hangs up on Tim and then Tim rings my brother telling him Peter is coming here to bash him...........

David comes over here and talks to Tim and calms him down mum also speaks to Tim which also helped calm him down..........although when David got here Tim was back on the phone to Peter again abusing him again.

His behaviour made Jessica leave with Leo for the night and the girls wanted me to leave also but I wouldn't.............after a while Tim was quite just sitting in his arm chair saying nothing much. I left him there while I went to bed and when I get to bed I find that my C Pap machine isn't working so all in all I had a rotten night last night followed by a terriable nights sleep.....

Today Tim only remembers bits and pieces of what happen last night and said he feels ashamed and embarrest by his behaviour...........................

Yes he was drunk he had been drinking since around 11am


  1. my grandfather was a drunk, i know it's hard but remember YOU are the most important person in the equasion. letting yourself be mistreated even by someone you love is a form of self loathing. you deserve to be happy sometimes tough love is the only answer cause until he wants to help himself nothing you do for him is gonna matter. so sorry darlin you're in my prayers!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a day you had there, Jo-Anne. As I was reading it, it was almost like watching a television drama. Everyone seemed to be in a really bad mood! Glad you stuck to your guns though, about watching YOUR television programme! Hope you have a much better day today my friend.

  3. Oh dear, the drama of real life. Thanks for your comment on my Red Moon Photo.

  4. Wow - what a drama day. Sorry it was so bad.

    Hope today is quieter and much happier for you.


  5. Isn't it a shame you can't treat life like a TV and just switch the channel when things aren't going right... it definately was a hectic/stressful day for you but hopefully things are better today

  6. Hi All

    When he is carrying on like a drunken fool I just ignore him as I will not put up with his carry on. Thankfully Monday was a nice quite day I spent most of the day home alone and it was great.

    Tim has now said he will stop drinking but I think it will be easier said then done. He is so ashamed about how he carried on.....

  7. aw honey hugs. hope he does stop and gets the help he needs but more important please take care of yourself.

    Everyday Life

  8. sounds like a soap opera. I should of made some popcorn

  9. Good lord you were living in a reality soap opera weren't you? I don't know how you do it. Bless your heart!

  10. wow! what a day you had. hope it's improved. hugs to you!


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