Friday, 29 May 2009

New Stuff

Today I finaly bought my Mother's Day presents from Tim I got a new camera as the other one packed it it and I also bought myself a new pair of boots and a couple of tops.

It felt good to buy myself a few things for a change don't get to do it very often.

I told Jessica this afternoon that I think she should see about getting a cot for Leo as he does not like sleeping in the toddler bed. I think it is because he can't move around and when he tries he wakes up and gets out of bed and goes looking for his mum. She had a cot for him when he was littler but someone told her she should get a toddler bed and she did, no way she would listen to me. I wouldn't know what I am talking

She said she may be able to get a cot for nothing so that would be good.


  1. I bet you are pleased with your purchases. Good to go shopping, it's great therapy.
    Hope a cot comes her way then as it would be much better to have one. Can't tell the young ones, they all have to find out for themselves.

  2. If she can't find one for free then I will have to buy one but I will check out the second hand shops first before buying a new one........

  3. Glad to hear you were looking out for yourself today. now we should see some more photos from you.

  4. Glad that you finally were able to go out shopping for yourself....I love shopping....


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