Saturday, 3 November 2007

Two Nights with Blain

I had Blain here last night and again tonight why you may ask well last night because I have him Friday nights and tonight because tomorrow morning Tim is taking Blain and me to the truck show in at the foreshore. We have to get up around 6.30am and I thought it would be easier if he spent the night here, then trying to get Tasha out of bed early in the morning.

Last night he was asleep twice and woken up twice before he settled down for the night, the first time he woke up when Tim rang as soon as he heard his voice he sat up and said papa and had to talk to Tim. The next time he woke up crying for his mum and dad and was upset and wouldn't settle down again so I rang Tasha and she said that she was upset as Jono had the shits with someone there but no it wasn't her. After he spoke to them he was ok and went back to sleep and slept all night until 6.30am although when he woke up he want to talk to Tim and have a cuddle form Tim and even though Tim had only been in bed for about 2 hours he woke up and cuddle him and talked to him.

I dropped him at home around 10ish and at first Tasha seemed annoyed but when I told her we would be having Blain again tonight her mood changed.

Thankfully Blain went to sleep pretty quick tonight I just hope he stays asleep and sleeps all night.


  1. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Aren't kids so cute when they're asleep.



  2. hi jo-anne how was the truck show. it is less frustrating here to blog. and leave comment's. "smiles"

  3. Hi Jo-Anne,
    Children are so beautiful and angelic when they are asleep ( my 15 year old is asleep on the couch right now) sigh. jutst beautiful.
    Hope Heathers problem's work out.
    Hugs and rainbows


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