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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Shopping, walking and Tim

Hi everyone this is our last full day in Hawaii, we fly out for home tomorrow lunch time and even though I have had a great holiday I am missing my family. We are not the type of people who can be away from our loved ones for more than a week or so, we have spoken to a few other Aussies who have been away from home for 3, 4 or 5 weeks and that is just too long for us.

What’s it like for other people, how long do you like to be away from home and your loved ones? Maybe Tim and I are just strange in that we find a week or so long enough.

While out this morning we bought some gifts for our grandchildren, and I realised something I like to spend money on my family, Tim likes to spend money on him. I don't mean to sound like he doesn't think of his family as he does but mostly he has bought stuff that he wanted, he has spent $33 on clothing and shoes for himself.

Yes I did get myself two pairs of shoes but I was looking at some pants & tops sets today and I wanted Tim’s opinion and he was well you did get those shoes but if you want it, if you think it would fit you than get it. That is the big thing with the clothes you see at the markets I don't know if they will fit or what it would look like on, remember I am a short fat woman and some things look really nice on the hanger but not so nice on the body.

I bought myself a small 6.8oz can of Malibu with pineapple and it is nice I just opened it and had it I added some pineapple to the drink which I got when we went to Macca’s yesterday.

I also notice that I have been having a large breakfast and a very light lunch while Tim has been having a light breaky and wanting lunch like 3hrs later. So for lunch he has been getting burgers with fries and he has the burger and I have the fries.
Tim also wanted to know why I have been applying makeup each morning when we are not going anywhere special I had to explain to him that my makeup has sunscreen in it, so I am wearing it to protect my face from the sun.

Friday, 19 September 2014

A post I wrote yesterday about walking, shopping and pizza

Ok this I wrote yesterday but forgot to post it I think because I was so tired anyway here it is better late than never.

Hello everyone, what a day I have had a lot of bloody walking, while we were at home Tim saw this shopping tour and decided he wanted to go on it I wasn't sure but went along with it and we booked it can't remember how much it cost but we did it today and what a waste of money. I did however buy two pairs of shoes but overall I didn't think it was worth the money maybe next time he will listen to me. I said we could catch a bus or walk to some shops but no he wanted to do the tour oh well we all know Tim has to learn things the hard way because I am sure he doesn't think I know a damn thing.

After returning from the tour, he went swimming and I went souvenir shopping I spent all up $56 but got something for my girls and parents and a something for me and I will be getting something for all the grandchildren of course just haven't found what I want to get yet, still have a couple of days here yet though.

You know I am getting hungry as it has been over 6 hrs since we last ate, Tim said he wanted to go out for pizza tonight and that is fine but I was beginning to think he wasn't returning as he had been gone 3 hrs but he is back now and so we will be going out to eat soon.

Just got back from tea/dinner, we had pizza it was really nice but again Tim didn't listen to me I said order a small he said medium so we got medium and guess what we couldn't eat it all, thankfully we were able to bring what we didn't eat back with us, it's in the fridge and we will finish it off tomorrow thankfully we can eat cold pizza.

I am going to have another bath my second one for today but what the hell with all the sweating I do due to the walking I think it isn't surprising that I want two baths during the day. Tim had a Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini and it was really nice he also had vodka in his bottle of Fanta. We have to be up at 5.20am as we get picked up for the tour tomorrow at 6.30ish and I want us to get up and have breakfast before we get.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hawaii Day Two

Well here it is day two of our Hawaii vacation and what a relaxing day it has been, breakfast which is included was great and I over ate a bit but that I say was because last night we didn't have dinner just didn't feel like it. My back and shoulders/neck is aching from all the walking and carrying my hand back which I sling across my chest to prevent it being stolen.

After breaky we went for a walk but I also came back to the room to change into my shorts and noticed that the email I sent yesterday to the travel agent didn't go so I had to copy it and send it again this time through my gmail account and that went.

We went on a bus ride this morning I like to jump to a bus and take a ride but most of the time Tim doesn't want to do it which is annoying but this morning he agreed and he liked it.

We have picked up the tour vouchers although it took us a while to find the place to get them from but it is done now so all good. I have also contacted my eldest daughter and my sister to see if someone could ring the booking centre for the travel agent for us. I am not stressing over it but it still a concern.

This afternoon Tim went down to the pool and got into the hot tub while I sat in the bar and had a Blue Hawaiian and a bowl of chips, then I came back and had a nice long bath and as I sit here I am writing this and looking at the beach.

I can tell you one thing I have a bloody headache, oh yeah when Tim joined me at the bar he asks what I was drinking I told him, he asks how much is that I told him I didn't know around $11 and he had this look as if he thought I paid too much but he didn't say anything which is a good thing as if he had I would have been annoyed as he has spent close to $30 on grog since we arrived.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Arrived but not without dramas

Ok we have arrived but all hasn't gone smoothly, last week I wanted Tim to check the reservation and the airport transfers but NO he knew better and what happens we arrive to find out that because he didn't ring and confirm the airport transfer we were not on the list after some talking to the guy it was arranged that another company would take us to the hotel. So we get here at last and we are not booked in till tomorrow the travel agent stuffed up but thankfully after the guy had a chat with his manager they agreed to move our booking forward a day, although the room they had was in an area of the hotel that is having work done so he said it might be a little noisy I don't care I am just happy they are working around us and we have a room. The hotel waved the booking fee because of the work going on and the nose, however there are more problems. I discovered they have us checking out now on Friday and we don't fly out till Saturday and we are booked into the Rydges on Sunday night.

I  have emailed the travel agent and asked them to get back to us asap, I said we are willing and happy to stay another night but we shouldn't have to pay for it.

On another note my back is aching so much from all the walking and carrying heavy bags but it has been a nice day more or less. 

Tim would not have it that we leave Saturday and arrive Sunday, I made him ring Hawaiian Airlines and asked them and then he admitted I was right. 

We went out for a walk, and bought a few things, I got two 600 ml or 20 oz bottles of Coke for only $3.30.

No photos today, I am too exhausted but have taken a lot so far and will download them and post some tomorrow...............maybe............

Monday, 15 September 2014


In about an hour we will be leaving for the train station, we are catching the train to Central Station in Sydney and than we will catch the airport train to the International Airport. Tim says he would rather be there early and just sit and chill till it is time to leave than end up running late and I can see his point of view as sitting around waiting to leave is so bloody frustrating.

Jessica is driving us to the train station and I had to ask Natasha to come over and get the clothes off the line this afternoon, Jessica would do it but she will not fold the clothes and I like the clothes folded so they don't get to creased.

I think I might have to find a jacket to take with me I have one packed but don't want to go looking for it so might crap another one, Tim is up and down like a yo you he just can't seem to sit still.  

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Packing for a holiday and me being so very excited

Good afternoon all, it has been a beautiful day here in Australia. I had Kathy-Lee, Sydney-May, Summer along with Jessica and Leo here for lunch it was a birthday lunch for Kathy who turned 29 last Wednesday.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent packing for our holiday, I discovered that at the end of last summer I threw out a number of pairs of my shorts so could only find 1 pair to take with me to Hawaii but I also packed some leggings and long tops/short dresses to wear.

We are catching a train to Sydney tomorrow around lunch time and than we will take the train that runs from Central to the airport yes we will be there early but Tim worries about running late and would rather be early than late. The flight doesn't leave till 9pm so I am expecting to sleep pretty much all the way to Hawaii. I have never flown at night before...........just saying..........

We went out this morning and bought me a new camera since the last one died and I have to have a camera on a holiday.

You know what is annoying, when Tim puts the telly on a channel than leaves and goes to his office and doesn't come back............I just changed the channel well I put on Inspector Morse as I am tying to clear as much from the Foxtel hard drive as I can before we leave since I will be recording a fair bit while we are away.

I may not post as often while we are away but if we have free Wi-Fi I will be posting on Facebook about what we are up to, you have no idea how excited I am about the trip.  

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Too Busy To Blog, Have To Watch Some Recorded Programs

Not blogging today, have to clear some space of my Foxtel box to record ready for while we are away.