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Monday, 20 February 2017

Random Stuff

Good afternoon all, I have had a busy weekend, in fact hardly had time to use the computer since around 8ish on Saturday morning, this morning I managed to read and comment on about 30ish blogs and then I had to take Leo to school and then to the shops to return something Jessica bought and to get bread. Soon I will have to leave and go get Leo from school then I have to take him to bowling it is the last day of bowling and I have to remember to give him a half a tablet of his medication before we go as last week I forgot and he was jumping all over the furniture and wouldn't settle down.

Yesterday we went over to Kathy's for Summer's birthday we gave her a bride doll which she seemed to love it's eyes open and shut which Summer likes as she likes to think of her dolls going to sleep at night.

I made a potato bake for the party and cooked up 500grams of bacon and Kathy cooked up some snags and Michael's mum made the birthday cake a rainbow cake with pink icing, it was nice.

Also yesterday morning Tim, Leo and I went to the shops I needed bacon for the party and a new iron, on Wednesday while I was ironing Tim's work shirts the iron just stopped working I was ironing the shirt and the iron wasn't heating up.

Today I managed to iron all his work shirts and work pants as well as one of my shirts, as well as two shirts I bought for Jessica a few months back. I had bought her 4 white shirts out of the 3 shirts 2 she wanted one she didn't want which I have placed in my gift box and will give it to someone at some point as a gift.

Kathy was telling us yesterday that Michael got 9& ½ hours of work on Friday he needs to complete 20 hours of unpaid work as part of his training, I think it is wrong that people often need to do x amount of unpaid work as part of their training, 20 hours isn't that bad but I know of some people who have had to do as much as 120 hours of unpaid work as part of their training.

You also know what I don't understand how people can go around borrowing money over and over again, if you have to borrow money each week you need to look again at your budget and make changes so the money you have lasts. Look at what running around you are doing in your car if you are borrowing money for fuel maybe you need to stop going some places and no I do not think it is easy but it is something you have to do, if you seem to be running out of food try reducing the amount of processed foods you know the type that you just shove in the oven or microwave as home-made from scratch may be cheaper and better for you. The always borrowing money never lets you get a head just my thought, I have rarely borrowed money from anyone, it isn't something I do.

Lastly before I go mum may or may not be going home today she was still waiting for the doctor to turn up to see her when we spoke at 1.15pm she wants to go home she feels much better in herself and wants her own bed and bathroom but we will see. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

About my mum

Hello everyone as you may have noticed I didn't do a post yesterday, it was one of those days when things seemed to get away from me, after taking Leo to school I called in to pick up a form mum wanted me to hand into the RTA now called Service NSW, it went from being called the RTA to being the RMS and now is Service NSW and some of you are thinking ok Jo-Anne but what is this place, well it is the place well RTA stood for Roads Transport Authority so it is where you go for your licence and many other things. The form mum wanted me to hand in was her yearly medical form that has to be filled in because she is diabetic. When I handed the form in I was told mum's licence had been suspended because she was late handing in the form but it is all sorted out now and the licence is no longer suspended. The woman at the RTA said it was all good as mum hadn't been driving anyway, which she hasn't but how did the woman at the RTA know that.............

Anyway when I got to mum's my sister Sandra was outside she said she was thinking about calling the ambos again as mum wasn't good but the nurse was due there by 9am and she thought we would see what the nurse thought but she was pretty sure a trip to hospital would be in order.

Well I go in and mum says “hi Jo” I asked if she knew why I was there, she said yes and then said her urine was on the cupboard and I had to take it to the office at Dawson's school both me and Sandra started to laugh and I said I didn't think the school wanted her pee. She then said she knew that and I was there for................I had to remind her why I was there.

So the nurse turns up and took her temp and blood pressure and asked some questions and tested her urine and said mum had a UTI and than she rang the doctor and it was decided that she needed to go to hospital. When told that mum said NO she wasn't going she could be treated at home and the nurse touched mums arm and in a gentle voice that it wasn't an option she had to go to hospital.

Sandra went with her to the hospital with mum and stayed there all day with her, mum isn't happy but she knows she needs to be where she can get better faster at hospital she is getting very strong antibiotics via a drip can't do that at home.

So once again Sandra has stepped up and been the one to care for mum and my brother Dave is doing a fair bit too, me and Jeannie and Sue not so much but Jeannie works and Sue is busy with her family and me well I am just useless. Well that is how I feel.

After I take Leo to school today I am going to go over and see mum last time she was in hospital I didn't visit her as I didn't have a car and it was school holidays and I had young children each day but I will go today. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

History of Australian Aboriginals/Shelters

Ok today I am going to tell you a little more about different Aboriginal sites and shelters, starting with Middens.

Middens are shell mounds built up over hundreds of years as a result of countless meals of shellfish. They are found along ocean coasts, estuaries, rivers and inland lakes, and primarily contain mature specimens of edible shellfish species. They may also contain pieces of clay, bird, fish and animal teeth and bones, camp-fire charcoal, stone flakes and the remains of tools. Less commonly found in middens are remains from human burials.
Middens differ immensely in shape and size, from a few shells scattered on the surface, to deposits that are metres thick and buried beneath vegetation. Middens are the most common and most visible Aboriginal site along the Australian coast.

Natural shell deposits can be differentiated from middens because they consist of mature and immature, edible and inedible shellfish and would contain no large amounts of charcoal or stone tools. Wave action would also have sifted the shells into layers, with the larger ones at the top and the smaller ones at the bottom.

There are shelters with art, these are clearly defined by either stencil art or charcoal. Stencils are produced by mixing ochre in the mouth into a wet paste, then spraying it over the object to be stencilled onto the wall of the shelter. This method was used throughout Australia, and if the shelter is protected from the elements, then the artwork will still be visible. Other forms of artwork include ochre paintings, as well as charcoal drawings and etchings, although stencil art was the most common method.

A single artefact depicts an isolated find. These can be verified by identifying the stone and sourcing its origin, or verifying the manufacturing scars on the artefact. The isolated find can be a flaked stone, core or any finished implement. Raw materials most commonly used are chert, silcrete, and mudstones, while larger axe heads are usually made from river rocks or iron stone materials. Although isolated finds are generally artefacts found on their own, they often imply other artefacts will be present in associated deposit nearby. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Day 3 of Port Macquarie and Home again

Well I am home again, and last night I slept pretty good, in my own bed with the air conditioner going all night and the ceiling fan on as well. Although as I was going to bed last night I realised that I had left my Cpap machine in the caravan and Tim had to drive to my parents place to get it for me.

So onto my last holiday post.

Well here I am at the end of day three in Port Macquarie, our last day here and the temps have been around 38°c all day and I am sitting in my shorts and bra most of the afternoon due to how hot it has been.

Usually a 2lt bottle of soft drink will last me a whole day but by lunch time I had drank it all and this afternoon I said to Tim, do you remember where Aldi was he said there is no Aldi here and I would have to go to Coles. He said he would go with me so I would not get lost because I have no sense of direction and alone I would end up lost.

So we get in the car and just down the road from the park was Aldi, he said there's Aldi and I said well I would have found my way there and back without any problem.

We bought some bottle water and a slab of Coke Zero and returned to the park we bought some other stuff as well because who goes to a shop a only buys what they go for and nothing else.

We went to the Pancake Place for breakfast and after breakfast we went for a drive and came across some markets and stopped and went for a wonder around the stalls and I found a bride doll that I bought for Summer for her birthday in a couple of weeks. I was lucky I had my walking stick with me as I wouldn't have managed to walk very far if I had not had it. I was in a lot of pain as it was by the time I got back to the car with my back and feet.

I am so over this heat, mum was telling me at her house today it was 42°c outside and 31°c in the loungeroom with the air con going, dad wasn't able to walk down the hallway from the loungeroom to the toilet without being out of breathe and suffering a lot from the heat.

Mum was unwell for while she couldn't eat lunch and was feeling sick and shivering she was that cold and wanted dad to take her temperature for her but he wouldn't don't know why he just wouldn't anyway she went to her bedroom and Dawson heard her crying and went to see what was wrong and after seeing her said do you want me to ring Aunty Sandy, mum said yes and so he did.

Sandy went straight up and rang Dave as well and as it turned out Dave was in the area and he went to mums as well. Sandy took her temperature and it was 39.8°c so not good should be between 36-36.5°c, Sandy but mum to bed turned the air con on in her room even though mum was cold Sandy said they needed to bring her fever down. After sleeping for a couple of hours mum was feeling better not great but better.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Port Macquarie Day 2

Well here I am at the end of day two of our holiday in Port Macquarie and can say it has been another stinking hot day, I am sitting here in front of a fan that is blowing warm air around and suffering due to the heat. I told Tim and the girls that I am not going to go away in the van again during the hot summer months until we get air conditioning in the van as I cannot handle this heat. Tim is going to look into getting air conditioning fitted in the next few months.

I have another stinking headache which is due to the heat, last night I suffered so much that I ended up sleeping in my knickers and bra and will be doing it again tonight as it is just so hot, Kathy told me to wet my hair before going to bed which I tried last night by my hair dried in no time.

This morning Tim's old school friend Mark came for a visit he was here about an hour, he lives 30-40ks away, he is Tim's oldest friend and Tim likes catching up with him in person they keep in tough via email most of the time.

We then went into town and bought a few things including a new Sim card for the WiFi device and after a lot of hassle managed to get it activated but when I tried to recharge it, I kept getting a message that the credit card details were wrong so I tired a different card and it timed out so I just gave up.

I had to pay the $6 to connect to the parks WiFi in order to activate the new Sim card so I told Tim tomorrow I will just pay the $6 again and get online and update things since Sunday we will be home again and I will have the house internet.

At least the fridge is working a bit better, not great in my opinion but better. The TV reception comes and goes but I am not bothered by that, this morning I wrote letters to my pen pals and still have one left to do which I will do tomorrow while Tim goes fishing.

At the moment Tim is sitting outside with his eyes closed so might be having a nap. The temp is still 33°c here down a bit was 41°c earlier today. It is 5.30pm by the way.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Port Macquarie Day 1

Hello everyone I am writing this from Port Macquarie where Tim and I am for three nights we will go home on Sunday. Have to tell you it is stinking bloody hot here and we still do not have air conditioning in the van we have a fan that is blowing hot air around.

I have already had a mishap I burnt my thumb and index finger on my left hand, how you wonder well Tim had his soldering iron plugged in and I didn't know he had plugged it in and thus when I went to open the toaster oven to get my pizza out I touched the hot part and burnt my fingers. I quickly placed my fingers under running water and the people in the van behind us gave Tim some burn cream for me to use. It did help and after about half an hour my fingers stopped hurting.

I brought my Wi Fi device and you know what it isn't working after trying and failing Jessica got onto Telstra who told her that because it hasn't been used in about a year or more it may have been deactivated and to go get a new sim card for it and see if that works so I will do that tomorrow.

The caravan park has Wi Fi that you have to pay for it is $6 for and hour or 200mb whichever comes first, so if I can't get the device to work tomorrow I will pay the $6 so I can connect with everyone.

This caravan park is a nice one it is the Aquatic park on Hastings River Drive just up from the place we stayed last time we were here but I like the look of this park better the showers are larger and look cleaner.

I have had a headache since around 10am which is why I slept for an hour an a half on the way here, when I mentioned to Tim that I am feeling drained and tired he said but you slept on the way here and I had to explain that I had a headache and still have a headache. I think being so hot is part of the reason I have a headache.

At least this afternoon we have had a tv reception we are using a small $2 aerial which works better then the dearer aerial we first bought.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017