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Saturday, 1 November 2014

It wasn't Halloween it was Dave's bithday

Hi everyone as you all would have noticed I didn't do my five things for Friday yesterday, why you wonder, well I will tell you by the end of the day I was exhausted and just didn't remember so should I do it now............maybe but I'm not going to instead I am going to ramble on about my brother..............

Like yesterday it was 31st of October which means it brothers birthday, did you think I was going to say Halloween, if you did give yourselves a shake and remember I don't do Halloween. Now as I was saying it was my baby brother's birthday he turned 36, bloody hell I remember when he was born well I remember when he was a baby. I do not remember the day/night he was born not like how I remember the night Sandra was born.

Although I do have some memories of Dave as a baby like wearing mums dressing gown and walking the floor trying to settle him while mum drove dad to work in the middle of the night.

Dave is a mummy's boy always has been always will be, he is the favourite and we all know it and accept it this doesn't cause any jealousy from his older sisters at all. I know some people would find that hard to accept but it is the fact.

Dave was able to get away with bloody murder as a child and even now, if anyone should feel put out by this it should me Jeannie as until Dave came along she was the one able to get away with bloody murder. However, she doesn't feel like that at all and I don't remember her every being jealous of her baby brother.

Dave is the only one in the family to go all the way through high school getting his HSC (higher school certificate) he is the only one buying his own house and that is only because he is the favourite and was allowed to buy Aunty Joyce's house after she passed away and yes I know it wouldn't have been big enough for my family or any of the girls families except for Sandy but still it wasn't offered to us. I will mention that Dave was already living in the house, he moved in to help cover the cost of the nursing home for Aunty Joyce. I know that may sound like I was a little jealous but I wasn't it just comes across that way, I am happy living where I am.

Dave has three children Dawson, Liarna and Kayla who is his step-daughter but he just thinks of her as his daughter and she uses the name Jenkins-Webb, Jenkins is Dave's last name.

Dave is a wonderful father when Dawson and Liarna were babies he was very hands on changing nappies and feeding them and playing with them and the older he gets the more like dad he becomes which of course is a good thing as we have one of the best fathers around.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How well do you know your neighbours?

Good morning world, yesterday as you may have guessed I didn't feel like writing a post, no real reason for it just realised in the afternoon that I hadn't done a post so was looking for something easy to post so that is why you got what you got.

Anyway today I thought I would write about life in Australia compared to what life in Australia looks like in movies and television.

Shows like Neighbours and Home & Away make it seem like everyone in a street or neighbourhood know each other and get along and hang out with each other. I have never experienced anything like that. I know who all those who live in this complex are more or less but I don't hang out with them, we don't pop in and out of each others homes.

We nod or wave to each other if we pass each other in the driveway but pretty much we all keep to ourselves. I couldn't tell you the first and last names of most of my neighbours, with the exception of Diane & Kevin and Cath I know their last names but I do not know the first and last names of any other neighbours. I do know most of their first names, there are 16 townhouses in this complex.

When I was growing up I remember my parents getting along with usually one neighbour, chatting to them most days but I never remember mum spending hours on end at a neighbours place.

Although mum did spend a lot of time with Mrs Kelly when dad was working in Sydney, well my sister Sandra says she did. Since by then I was married with 3 children I wasn't home to know if mum was home or not.

I don't really have any memories of my parents have friends they hung out with, both my parents usually spent their time with the family. Which maybe why it seems normal to me to not have friends but instead have family.

What is it like for you, do you see a lot of your neighbours or do you pretty much keep to yourselves?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Things Mum Say

These are things I have said far too often, how about you......................

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A birthday, my Blain and other stuff

Good morning we are in for another hot day here in my part of the world, this morning I watched Summer while Kathy took Sydney-May for her last swimming lesson. I was woken this morning by a phone call of course Tim wouldn't get up and answer it because he says it's always for you well I get up answer the phone and it was of course for Tim, it was working calling him, he had to go in and do a school run before his shift.

Speaking of Tim he rang not long ago to tell me that some guy he works with had a heart attack and died last night and the guy was only in his 50's. Of course this is not going to make Tim give up smoking and drinking and to be honest it wouldn't make me give up things I like doing either. As I feel we are all different and just because on guy died doesn't mean it my bad habits are going to shorten my life, we have all heard of the people who have lived it be in their 90's or even 100 who smoked and drank their whole life.

Today is my sister Sue's birthday she is turning 46 I sent her a text message wishing her a happy birthday. I gave her a present last Friday, a dress, a top, a book and some perfume she seemed to like what I got her.

The next birthday in the family is on Friday when my brother will turn 36, I have no idea what I am going to give him.

I will have Blain sleeping over tonight he wants to start staying over more often and I am all for that, I miss seeing him also. Of a weekend he goes to his dad's so he can't stay over then so I have said he can stay over during the week. However, his mum will have to take him to school as I will be going to see my nan and I may get picked up early around 8ish. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Good Afternoon

Oh hell what another warm no make that hot day here in my part of the world, I have to have the air conditioner on like I have done for the last few days.

Yesterday I was up at 6am with Leo, I was not a happy chappy as I had told Jessica that her and Leo could stay but she would have to get up with him. Well as it turned out on Saturday night she called in to pick up her house keys as she was going home for the night and Leo got out of the car to see papa and wouldn't leave so what did papa say “go get in bed with nanna” so Leo stayed and Jessica went home and that meant I had to get up with him in the morning.

On a different note Tim is on afternoon work again, and that means for me a nice quiet afternoon and evening. Recently I have found that I am not eating as much, this morning I made pancakes for breakfast I ate only 1 of them. When I went to get fresh bread I bought myself some hot chips for lunch but ate only 6 chips, I have put the rest of the aside and will reheat them for tea tonight I am not wasting $2.95. Thankfully the air fryer reheats them nicely. Nothing wrong with eating less..........

I have been in a lot of pain today with my back,any movement causes pain and yes I have taken pain relief and it has helped but still the pain is there.

Jessica went back to her place this morning after her run it is nice when she does that although most of the time her being here doesn't bother me.

I have also bought a couple of other personalised things for Christmas this morning good thing Tim doesn't know how much I spend on things at Christmas time, because trust me he would complain because he likes to complain.

Well this is a post about nothing much just this and that which is fine nothing wrong with that either. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Now for a post about British Submarines in WW1

Ok now it's time to talk about British Submarines, at the start of the 20th century all submarines were crude machines and those in the British Navy were no exception. However, by the end of the First World War the development had come so far that it would pretty much remain the same at the start of the Second World War.
The British Submarine Service was a volunteer branch of the Royal Navy. Those who worked in the early submarines had to both effective and efficient workers and intelligent enough to use machinery that was complex for the time. The Submarine Service was never short of volunteers and the Navy could afford to pick the very best after a thorough selection process. Those volunteers who made it past the selection process then faced a lengthy training programme. Pre-1914, those who joined the Submarine Service saw themselves as an elite force within the Navy and this caused resentment amongst those who worked in surface ships.
The first British submarine, pictured above, was launched on November 2nd 1902, a Captain by the name of Roger Bacon invented the submarine's periscope, the periscope was raised and lowered by the use of a ball and socket joint. This type of periscope would remain the same throughout the First World War, although modifications were made to the lenses to improve visibility.
There were smaller submarines like the Holland and its successor, the A-class submarine,these were restricted to coastal duties because of their size. Roger Bacon wanted a small-calibre gun on the deck of the B class submarine but was prevented in doing so by Lord Walter Kerr the First Sea Lord who never gave his full support to the Submarine Service.
During the war, Britain invented three new types of torpedo, one was powered by oxygen those powered by compressed air left a tell-tale wake in the water, oxygen is soluble in water and left no tell-tale wake. Another was a circling torpedo the theory behind this was that if it had missed its main target it might hit another. Then there was the acoustic or magnetic torpedo which was attracted to the noise made by a ship's propellers or would attach to the metal hull of the ship. This torpedo was of little use in the First World War but would leave its mark during the Second World War.
The inside of a Holland submarine was very cramped. The captain stood with his head in a windowed cupola and on each side of his head was a six-inch steering wheel – one for horizontal steering and the other for vertical steering. Using both wheels and giving orders out to the crew must have been demanding in times of calm – let alone when the captain was under pressure. Later designs of the Holland moved the steering wheels elsewhere.

Friday, 24 October 2014

5 Things for this lovely Friday

Well another Friday has rolled around as it does so that means it is time for 5 things Friday.

12 People at breakfast

Being told I spoil Leo and not the other grandchildren

Rocking a new dress...........should have taken a photo

Paying off my Christmas toy layby

A small pile of letters to answer over the weekend