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Saturday, 27 August 2016

A to Z from me about stuff

Hi am pinching this from Lauren who can be found here:, she pinched it from Erin who can be found here: and now I am using it because it is a post I don't have to think much about to write.

A- age: 53
B- biggest fear: Losing a loved one
C - current time: 12.55pm
D - drink you last had. Pepsi Max
E- every day starts with... Blogging (more or less)
F - favourite song. Don't have one
G - ghosts, are they real? Sure are
H- hometown. Gateshead (suburb of Newcastle)
I- in love with Tim ( husband)
J - jealous of: Nothing and no one don't do jealous
K - killed someone? Only in my dreams
L- last time you cried? A few nights ago (don't know why)
M - middle name: Nita named after my great aunt
N- number of siblings: 4, 3 sisters & 1 brother
O- one wish. Happiness for those I love
P - person you last called. Mum
Q - question you're always asked: W hat's for............lunch or tea (dinner)
R - reason to smile. My family
S- song last sang. Can't remember
T - time you woke up. 7.45am
U - underwear colour. Black
V- vacation destination. Anywhere
W - worst habit. Not being able to say no to the family
X - Xrays you've had Knees, Hips and back
Y- your favourite food. Pizza
Z - zodiac sign. Scorpio

Now..... you go, if you feel like it if not then don't

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Port Arthur A Timeline

Today I am just going to share with your all Port Arthur a timeline...............we start in 1830 and go through to 1877.

1830 Port Arthur penal settlement is established as a small timber station.

1831 Wooden huts for convicts and soldiers and cottages for officers are completed.

1833 Charles O'Hara Booth began 11 year term as commandant and the semaphore signal system began.

1834 1st group of boys transferred to Point Puer (boys prison/reform school)

1836 Foundation of the Church laid and Guard Tower constructed.

1837 1st public service held in the Port Arthur Church

1841 Introduction of probation system lead to growth in convict numbers

1842 Construction of the Corn Mill and Granary (later to be the penitentiary) commenced and the completion of the brick hospital was done.

1844 At the end of commandant O'Hara Booth's term Port Arthur included 1100 convicts and 634 boys at Point Puer.

1848 1st stone of Separate Prison was laid

1849 Point Puer Boys' Establishment closed and approximately 3500 young prisoners had passed through it.

1853 Transportation to Van Diemen's Land is abolished, James Boyd became commandant

1868 Completion of the Asylum is done

1877 End of the convict era at Port Arthur

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A stressful morning

Talk about drama this morning it was a little more crazy and chaotic in the house, started with me as usual telling Leo over and over to get dressed for school and to change his socks and put his shoes on, nothing new there.

Then Tim got up went into his office and couldn't find his phone, or glasses he has two pairs a cheap pair of reading glasses and $400 pair of bifocals he wears to work and other places as well.

So we call the boys in to see if they could tell us what happened to them and of course both boys at first said nope don't know, have no idea. Now I might add that Natasha had come home from work she thought she could drive Blain to school but got a phone call as she pulled up and had to leave again but since she was here she got into the act and was going off at the boys about Papa's lost things.

Now we found the phone after ringing it and then we found the cheap glasses but still couldn't find the good glasses after a bit Blain retrieves them for a shelve when asked how he knew where they were he said Leo told him, I sent Leo from the room and asked when did Leo tell him he just stood there with his arms folded and said nothing. I came out and spoke to Leo he said he told Blain about hiding them after he did it so I go back and speak to Blain he said the same thing more or less.

After all this Natasha got on her high horse about Tim calling Blain and liar (which he did) and how it was all Leo and nothing to do with Blain and how we should apologise to Blain. I did go and tell Blain I was sorry for going off at him for something he may not have done, but with Papa going off his head it made me feel tense and frustrated.

Now here's the thing after all was said and done, Blain tells me he was in the room with Leo when the things were hidden and knew all along where they were and like Leo he didn't want to get into trouble so he lied just like Leo.

Leo was willing to take the fall for Blain and had told me Blain knew nothing about the hiding of Papa's things so I think Natasha owes Leo an apology for going on that it was all Leo when the truth be told it was both of them, which is what I thought to start with. Also she went on about us accusing Blain for something he had no part in but in fact he did have a part he said he was the one who hid one pair of the glasses not Leo.

Blain told Leo that both me and Papa thought it was all Leo all along and only accused him because they (we) didn't want Leo to think we were picking on him, this pissed me off as this was not the case, yes I d id think Leo would have been more likely to do it but also thought Blain knew more the he was saying and may have been involved.

I also told Tim that he wasn't helping being so angry and going off his head, I wanted to calm Leo down before I took him to school as if he goes to school in a bad mood he gets into more trouble.

Tim was snapping and snarling at me all the way to the school and over to the hospital, he has an appointment to have a camera down to check out his hernia, when I asked him why he was in a mood he goes well I am going to have a day procedure, I snapped back and how many have I had over the years, he said nothing..............he also kept going on about what time he had to be there, I got him there 15 minutes before he needed to be there. I hope he comes home in a better mood.

So all in all I have had a somewhat stressful morning.   

Monday, 22 August 2016

The places I have lived

As all know that I live in a suburb of Lake Macquarie in the state of New South Wales, which is on the east coast of Australia.

I was born at Western Suburbs Maternity hospital, as mentioned in the last post about me that we lived with my grandparents for a while by a while I mean 18 months before we moved to a Dept of housing place in Blacksmiths about 20 minutes from my grandparents mum and dad didn't really like living that far away from my grandparents and when I was 5 ½ we moved from Blacksmiths to Gateshead still a Dept of Housing place and just in time for me to start school.

Gateshead is only 5 minutes from where my grandparents lived so that made mum happy as she was and still is very close to her parents. When we first moved to Gateshead we lived in Gateshead but a few years later we moved to Gateshead West which is now just known as Gateshead, then in 1980 we moved again to a different part of Gateshead West, these moves were due to the increasing family we went from a 2 bedroom, to a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom which is the house mum & dad are still living in.

When I married Tim we moved into a flat above the Gateshead shops only a few minutes from my parents place then when Natasha was a baby we got offered a Dept of Housing place here in Warners Bay we have been in this house since May 1988 and we have no plans on moving this is home. Oh yeah when I meet Tim he was living only a few streets from my parents place, he was sharing a house with a couple of girls.

The one thing about living in the Lake Macquarie/Newcastle area is that you can pretty much get from point A to point B within 20-30 minutes. This is something Tim really likes as he is from Sydney and there it can take ages to get from point A to point B, also in Sydney if you take a wrong turn it can take ages to get back on track here if you take a wrong turn it will often only take a few minutes to get back on track.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

He doesn't listen and he doesn't look but still I love him

As all know, I love Tim but sometimes he drives me crazy he doesn't think, doesn't listen and doesn't look. The other night he asked me to get something for him when I do the shopping tomorrow, so I told him to write it on the list on the fridge.

Now for the last few years I have had a shopping list note pad on the fridge but since it isn't the list I take with me I write things that we run out of on the list and Thursday night when I do the shopping list I take the sheet of paper into the lounge room where I am writing out the shopping list and add the things from it to the shopping list and cross out what has been written and using a fridge magnet I attach the sheet of paper to the fridge for future use.

So I use one sheet off the pad a number of times I write on both sides of the paper and as said I attach the sheet to the fridge with a magnet.

Now for some reason whenever Tim writes something down he uses a fresh sheet of paper doesn't matter that I have a sheet there with things written on it already he still writes on a new sheet of paper.

So the other night when I see him go to use a new sheet I walked out and said use this sheet that already has things written on it, what does he say, “oh I didn't know there was a sheet already being used” open your eyes and look Tim it is there right next to the pad you were going to write on.

If it was a new thing I was doing I would get that he may not realise but what the hell Tim I have been doing things this way for a few years. He also had the nerve to say that I never tell him what I am doing and he had no idea what all the sheets of paper were on the fridge for.

He also has a terrible habit of walking away when someone is talking to him if he isn't interested in what is being said or he tunes out and just doesn't listen then he complains that I didn't tell him something, it isn't that I didn't tell him it is that he wasn't interested so he didn't take it in.

So what I have to end this with is that love can be so annoying..................................