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Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Little More About The History Of Australia

Hello everyone here I am doing another post about the history of my country and the Aboriginal people.

After the arrival of the white people the Aboriginal people were struck with new and unknown diseases these diseases were often fatal and struck and extensive blow to the Aboriginal people. This is because up until then they had been isolated from the diseases that had raged throughout Europe and Asia, so they had no resistance to these new deadly viruses carried here by the sailors and convicts, diseases like smallpox, syphilis and influenza. So in less that a year over half the Aboriginal population living in the Sydney area had died from smallpox and the region that once was alive with a vibrant mix of Aboriginal clans was now silent.
Every boat that went down the harbour found them lying dead on the beaches and in the caverns of the rocks… They were generally found with the remains of a small fire on each side of them and some water left within their reach.
Lieutenant Fowell, 1789
In a space of only six months the new arrivals had destroyed a way of life that had existed for thousands of years, the Aboriginals soon realised that these invaders were committed to nothing less than total occupation of the land.
To most of the settlers the Aboriginal people were considered akin to kangaroos, dingoes and emus, to be eradicated to make way for the development of farming and grazing, this I find disgusting and I am ashamed of this part of our history as I am other parts of our history.
I have myself heard a man, educated, and a large proprietor of sheep and cattle, maintain that there was no more harm in shooting a native, than in shooting a wild dog. I have heard it maintained by others that it is the course of Providence, that blacks should disappear before the white, and the sooner the process was carried out the better, for all parties. I fear such opinions prevail to a great extent. Very recently in the presence of two clergymen, a man of education narrated, as a good thing, that he had been one of a party who had pursued the blacks, in consequence of cattle being rushed by them, and that he was sure that they shot upwards of a hundred. When expostulated with, he maintained that there was nothing wrong in it, that it was preposterous to suppose they had souls. In this opinion he was joined by another educated person present.
Bishop Polding, 1845
Now a guerrilla war had been mounted against the British during the early years of the colony, this is to be expected the natives were fighting to save their way of life and protect their own, however, for the most part the eradication of the Aboriginal people had been easy. Those who had not been killed off by disease were displaced when land was cleared for settlements and farms, this caused the Aboriginal people to become dependent on white food and clothing.

Then there is the problems that came with alcohol, since alcohol was used as a means of trade by the British and the Aboriginal people were not used to alcohol and what it does to the human body it served to further shatter traditional social and family structures.

So in the blink of an eye European civilisation had devastated and destroyed and incomparable and ancient people, this is terrible. Because the vast majority of the clans living in the Sydney area had been killed off the stories of the land have been lost forever, so much of what we know about those clans have been learnt from their archaeological remains. Thankfully shelters, engravings and art remnants of the indigenous life are prolific throughout the area but no one remains to reveal their particular meanings or significance so much is guess work.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Photo Wednesday

Hi all over the next few Wednesdays I am going to be sharing collages of my extended family starting with my sister Jeannie's family.

Jeannie is my oldest younger sister, she has four children, Samantha, Tina, Tyler and Tom and at this stage one grandchild Hayley.

She has been in an relationship with a man named Peter for decades and considers his children and grandchildren as her own, he has three children and I think three or four grandchildren as well, they are not included in the collage though as I don't have photos of them.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

It's Tuesday & I Went Shopping For School Clothes For Leo and Other Dribble

Hello everyone, another stinking hot day here, but thankfully it has gotten too hot too early as I start this at 7.45am it is nice, I have the front and back doors open again and soon I will be going in to change my clothes so I can go shopping. It is time to go shopping for school pants for Leo and school shoes, yes we have a couple of pairs of school shoes but he goes though 4 or 5 pairs of shoes a year. Now I know many of you are wondering why his mother isn't going shopping for his school stuff, well she would if I told her to do so but I am going to Kmart today anyway and don't mind doing it for her and she will be the one paying for the stuff.

Ok here I am again it is now 10.15am, I am home and the air conditioners are going so the house should soon cool down. I have gone and done my shopping that I wanted to do, I bought Leo 2 new pairs of long school pants and another pair of school shoes so he now has 3 pairs of school shoes, hopefully they will see us through the first half of the year.

Now as you all know it gets stinking bloody hot here, today is going to be around 41°c at the moment in is about 30°c anyway not the point. As hot as it gets Leo has decided that he will not wear shorts, a number of times last month I would tell him to change into school shorts and he would sometimes change but when it came time to leave I would tell him to get in the car while I went to the toilet and when he was getting out of the car at the school I noticed he had changed back into long pants................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So I have told Jessica if he will not wear shorts what am I to do other then make sure he has long school pants to wear that will not make him over heat too much. She said make him wear the shorts easy for her to say she isn't the one dealing with him and let's be honest here I cannot be bothered having that fight with him before school. I do not like him to go to school in a bad mood.

Back to me I like it when I can get out do some shopping and be home again all by 10 or 11am, I am not one to be doing stuff all day, many times in the past people have said what's your rush you have all day, yeah but I don't want to be all day doing stuff.

Last Friday when I was shopping I bought a bottle of Port and mentioned to Tim if he wanted to have some he could, he says I don't like Port much, since when Tim, since when, many times you have drunk my Port but if you don't like it all the more for me. That said you all know I am not a big drinker yes I drink and yes from time to time I may even get drunk but getting drunk isn't the norm for me two, three or four drinks are usually enough for me and I don't have strong drinks, I drown the Port or whatever liqueur I am drinking in Coke so four drinks for me may be equal to two drinks for someone else and I never drink anything neat.

Tim just walked in he is on split shifts all week well I think he said he is on them all week I could ask him but he gets annoyed when I ask at times so not doing that, he is home for about 3 hours before he goes back to work for another 3 hours.

Some of you may wonder if I buy stuff for my other grandchildren, well not really did buy Blain a new school hat on Friday but his parents usually buy his school stuff and of course Kathy buys for Sydney-May so no I don't need to, Jessica can do these things she just often doesn't want to.

How often do you think as you are putting on an item of clothing or taking it off that you really should bin the item, you think that but you still put it on or toss it in the wash, I am sure I am not the only person who does that. I have been meaning to toss this bra I am wearing for the last month or two and still I am wearing it. I can be just as bad with knickers and other bloody clothes or to be honest if the clothes were in fact bloody I might indeed toss them in the bin, just saying.

I just found and put in my bag Leo's stationary list for the stuff he will need this year at school, I meant to shove it in my bag before I went out but didn't oh well it is in my bag now and I will have a look for the stuff on Friday.

At the moment Tim is watching the Benny Hill show, I could never stand Benny Hill he got on my nerves but since I wasn't watching anything I have said nothing.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Mum's Health

Hello Monday, hello world, hello bloggers and hello family, how is life treating everyone on this lovely Monday morning the 16th January 2017.

I am well, I have been up and dressed since 5.30am and what have I done, well I have read around 35 blogs and now I am writing a post for the day, I have also had breakfast but not much to do in way of housework today, just need to put the clean washing away and unpack the dishwasher I turned it on to wash at 6am.

Now to some news about my mum, yesterday she wasn't good again like she was last week when Sandy rang the ambos but this time they didn't bother with the ambos they just put her to bed and was keeping a close eye on her during the day.

Both mum and dad have a doctors appointment this morning at 8.30am with Andrew the doctor they have seen for many years and have to say he is a pretty damn good doctor, I think Sandra will be going with them to the doctors.

I felt like crying yesterday when I saw mum, I also felt useless as with my bad knees and bad back and shaking hands there is little I can do. I sent messages to all my girls as well as Kelli and Kirsty to let them know how their nanna was and I received this message from Kelli that made me feel a bit better.

 “I'm sure if you were as young as Sandra is and not going through
your own pain and suffering you'd be there too. I know you would
want to be there for nan and do more, but your tremors and bad
knees won't help. And Nana knows that loves you, you are not
useless, just cause someone else can do more doesn't make you
chop liver”

I am praying for mum every day, along with praying for Natasha who is going through her own stuff now, stuff I cannot talk about because she doesn't want me to, stuff I would love to be able to talk to mum about but have not been able to do so.

Mum hasn't been right since Nanna died and all the family are worried about her, I know my sister will ring me later and tell me what Andrew had to say about mum. It was suggested when she was in hospital last week that she goes into Belmont hospital for 7 to 14 days for assessment and for a plan to be drawn up and put in place to help her recover but mum didn't want that and I understand that but since less then a week after returning home she was not with it again shows it wasn't a once of and she has to do something more. We are going on a cruise in May and mum needs her health to improve before then.

Also yesterday we were talking about how us siblings thing mum and dad need to have an Enduring Guardianship with Sandra and Dave appointed as their guardians. Want to know more about an Enduring Guardianship go here:

So this is something we will have to talk to mum and dad about sometime soon, I also want to contact the Dept of Housing to find out how they go about getting the house altered to make it easier for mum to get in and out of the house as she can't manage the stairs any more and needs hand rails in the toilet and bathroom as well.

I do wonder how Dawson is really coping with all this he is very much a nanny's boy and he doesn't say much but I am sure he is worried about his nanna and wouldn't like to see her the way she is at the moment. 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

History of Aus Pt 2

Here we are doing another post on the history of Australian and Aboriginals, today I am going to talk about land ownership and the Aboriginals relationship with the land.

The first act of land ownership by Europeans came within four days of arrival when a group of men from the HMS Sirius went ashore to clear land to gain access to fresh water.

By 26 January, the First Fleet had found its way to Sydney Cove and landed there on the harbour. Those first Europeans had a dim view of the Aboriginal way of life, properly because it wasn't a way of life they were used to but that is just my thought.

This excerpt is taken from the diary of Watkin Tench, an officer in the First Fleet:
It does not appear that these poor creatures have any fixed Habitation; sometimes sleeping in a Cavern of Rock, which they make as warm as a Oven by lighting a Fire in the middle of it, they will take up their abode here, for one Night perhaps, then in another the next Night. At other times (and we believe mostly in Summer) they take up their lodgings for a Day or two in a Miserable Wigwam, which they made from Bark of a Tree. There are dispersed about the woods near the water, 2, 3, 4 together; some Oyster, Cockle and Muscle (sic) Shells lie about the Entrance of them, but not in any Quantity to indicate they make these huts their constant Habitation. We met with some that seemed entirely deserted indeed it seems pretty evident that their Habitation, whether Caverns or Wigwams, are common to all, and Alternatively inhabited by different Tribes.
However, for the aboriginal people and those clans living on the northern shoes of Sydney nothing could have been further from the truth and what the colonists never understood and still many Australians now still have trouble getting is that the Aboriginal lifestyle was based on a total kinship with nature and the natural environment.

Of course wisdom and skills were obtained over time that enabled them to get the most out of their environment. For the aboriginal people killing animals for food and building shelter were steeped in ritual and spirituality and was carried out in perfect balance with their surroundings.

from time immemorial, we believe as Aboriginal people, Australia has been here from the first sunrise, our people have been here along with the continent, with the first sunrise. We know our land was given to us by Baiami, we have a sacred duty to protect that land, we have a sacred duty to protect all the animals that we have an affiliation with through our totem system …1
Jenny Munro, Wiradjuri nation
For the Aboriginal food was in abundant, as was fresh water and shelter, they found everything needed for a healthy life was readily available. However, with the arrival of Europeans that would not remain the case.

With the new arrivals came armed conflict and a huge lack of understanding and some narrow minded people who thought they knew best. This heralded the demised of the northern Sydney clans as well as other Aboriginals from the Sydney basin such as the Dharawal to the south and Dharug to the west.

It didn't take long for food shortages to become a problem as the large white population depleted the fish by using nets to catch large amounts of fish. The also reduced the kangaroo population with unsustainable hunting, they cleared the land and polluted the water, this caused the Aboriginal people to be close to starvation.

That will do it for this post, more to come later.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

New Beaut Products? Or Not

We all see these infommerscials were this new great product is being flogged to us products like the Paint Runner Pro, don't know what it is then go here and see: now if you are like me you wonder if these products we see on the telly really work. I am always sceptical of these new beaut products and unlike some I usually do some research before I buy the product but many don't they see it they buy it then they complain it isn't as good as it is shown to be on the telly.

Another product I have seen and thought might be good is Five Second-fix this product you can go here and see what it is:, so say it is a waste of money so I was sceptical about buying it but Tim said when he saw the adds he wouldn't mind trying it so when I saw it at the local shopping centre I bought it for him it was only $20 so if it doesn't work it isn't a big waste of money we will see what happens when he uses it.

Many years ago I bought a miracle-thaw go here to learn more, anyway it was one product I still use to this day, I love it, it works as it says it should so sometimes you do get lucky and the new beaut product works.

So here is my question to all of you have you ever bought any of these new beaut products or any product advertised on any infommerscials and if so did you find the product to work as it was advertised.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Five things Friday

Here it is Friday again, so here is this weeks five things

Falling out of bed

Hospital stay

Returning home

Not going shopping

Taking it easy